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One of the fun things about publishing your photos publicly on Flickr is that you never know who might find your shots interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email requesting that three of my photos were on a “shortlist” for inclusion in an online travel guide called “Schmap”. So I went to their web site and granted them rights to use the photos (as I use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives license, you need explicit permission to use them in a commercial endeavor). The other day, I was informed that all three were selected. The three winners can be seen in the travel guide here, here, and here.



Originally uploaded by Rich Renomeron.

Two years ago, a picture I took of Marmalade won first prize at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Photo Show in the “Pets” category. This year, this picture of Simon won. I’ve entered a total of six photos over the years, and both award-winning entries were pets. I guess that ought to be my photographic specialty.

It was the day before New Year’s Eve, a lazy winter Saturday afternoon. Simon was lying around with his usual “sad face” when nothing interesting is happening (like food or the possibility of a walk). Fortunately, he’s a very good model; I’ve pointed the camera at him many times, so he usually doesn’t come trotting over if he sees me crouching down (his stepbrother Bennie is another story). And so I was able to fire off 10 or so frames, experimenting with framing. Once I downloaded the RAW file to the computer, I did some post-processing with Bibble (using its excellent noise reduction feature), and up it went to Flickr.

I Miss My Little Stinker

I Miss My Little Stinker
Originally uploaded by Rich Renomeron.

Editor’s Note: Flickr has a group called “Six Word Story,” in which your photo and a six-word title need to “tell a story”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t add this photo, since the title was only five words. Then I decided to tell a story around this photo anyway.

Call it delayed mourning.

In October, two days after we brought our newborn son home, Kahlua, our 15-year old English Cocker Spaniel had to be put to sleep. It was not the best timing, but I could very easily think of three worse days to do it — like the three previous days. Afterward, with all that was going on with a newborn, I didn’t have time to properly grieve for her.

But it caught up with me a week or two ago, after we (finally) took down her kennel in our bedroom. Since then, I’ve been in English Cocker nostalgia mode. Over on Flickr, I discovered an English Cocker group that’s relatively new, and a picture or two that are now “faves”. (Note especially the sleepy face picture; I’m very familiar with that particular look.) And then there’s this ornament, which I didn’t notice we even owned (including prior years), until I was fiddling with the camera on Christmas Day, waiting for guests to arrive.

Friday Catblogging

She’s Too Cool For This
Originally uploaded by Rich Renomeron.

This is Brandy, our pouty teenager, or petulant middle child.

She’s a rather vocal cat, and it’s probably my fault. Back when we first got her, and she meowed at me, I thought it would be clever to meow back, and wait to figure out that I was mocking her. Of course, she never did, and we’ve had years of delightful conversations. And when I don’t feel like “talking,” my wife turns around and says, “well, you taught her to do that.”

Oh well.

Friday Catblogging

This is Marmalade, the golden retriever in a cat suit.

Originally, I was not particularly thrilled with this picture, and almost didn’t upload it. I was hoping to get more of an “artsy pregancy shot,” with more of my wife’s belly in there. But my wife really liked it, so up to Flickr it went.