VMware and encfs, Part 2

Perhaps before declaring victory on storing a VMware virtual machine on an encfs encrypted filesystem, I should have tried powering on the VM. When I tried that, I found that it refused to start. Viewing the log revealed the following message:

Oct 28 23:38:59: vcpu-0| Could not mmap paging file : No such device
Oct 28 23:38:59: vcpu-0| Failed to allocate page for guest RAM!

Searching the VMware community forums turned up someone having a similar problem when storing the VM on an NTFS filesystem accessed via a FUSE driver.

Apparently VMware creates a disk file containing the guest’s physical memory and then reads the file into a memory map. This doesn’t work on a FUSE filesystem like encfs, and so the guest fails. So the solution is to avoid creating the memory-mapped file by adding the following line to the vmx file for the virtual machine:

mainMem.useNamedFile = "false"

With that small tweak, the guest started normally. Really.


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