Wait, The Presidential Dollar Coins Are Out There?

When the US Treasury Department announced last year that they were trying Yet Another Dollar Coin, this time featuring each of the presidents (like the current state quarters), I was very skeptical. I don’t think any attempt at a dollar coin will succeed as long as dollar bills remain in circulation. People won’t change their cash habits unless they have to. And there is sure to be much mumbling and grumbing when they’re forced to change, even if most of it is due to the media manufacturing controversy in order to create a Big Story.

But I digress.

Tomorrow, the second of the presidential series will be released into the wild. Oddly enough, I have yet to see the first coin, with George Washington, even though it was released three months ago. Doesn’t seem to be an auspicious beginning for this new series of dollar coins.


5 comments so far

  1. charleen on

    THe new dollar coin is a disgrase to god and his people

  2. charleen on

    america has really gone crzy. it should always say IN GOD WE TRUST.

  3. Karl on

    What the treasury is doing is making coins that people will collect in great numbers, like the state quarters. This is pure profit for them, the coins are purchased and never used.

  4. Rex Ralston on

    I work in a drug store and the people already complain about the weight of the change they are carring. NOW, do you think they are going to add another piece of metal to their overweight pocket book….I dob’t think so.

  5. allan on

    There will be only one way for $1 coins to be accepted. By “force. Remove the current $1 bill, replace it with a $2 bill and then we will have an easily accepted bill and a coin that will be used…………

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