I Miss My Little Stinker

I Miss My Little Stinker
Originally uploaded by Rich Renomeron.

Editor’s Note: Flickr has a group called “Six Word Story,” in which your photo and a six-word title need to “tell a story”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t add this photo, since the title was only five words. Then I decided to tell a story around this photo anyway.

Call it delayed mourning.

In October, two days after we brought our newborn son home, Kahlua, our 15-year old English Cocker Spaniel had to be put to sleep. It was not the best timing, but I could very easily think of three worse days to do it — like the three previous days. Afterward, with all that was going on with a newborn, I didn’t have time to properly grieve for her.

But it caught up with me a week or two ago, after we (finally) took down her kennel in our bedroom. Since then, I’ve been in English Cocker nostalgia mode. Over on Flickr, I discovered an English Cocker group that’s relatively new, and a picture or two that are now “faves”. (Note especially the sleepy face picture; I’m very familiar with that particular look.) And then there’s this ornament, which I didn’t notice we even owned (including prior years), until I was fiddling with the camera on Christmas Day, waiting for guests to arrive.


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